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The pages below are a general collection of information we have found useful, informative, or just plain fun, while researching Our Family records. More will be added from time to time.

Kent Parish Registers - On-line Availabilty

This page is part of the Our Families web site, and is produced in conjunction with the Kent Family History Society.

It is based on data created by Linda Murray and Roy Day and adapted for web display by Brad Rogers.

Additional material covering Pallot's, Boyd's, IGI, BVRI, and NBI supplied by Penny Holt; and the rest by a growing list of other KFHS members.

Find the information you want by sorting any of the columns (click on the column header); by selecting different pages; or by entering any character string in the 'Search' box. This will find records containing those characters anywhere.

To obtain any of the register transcripts listed here, click on the location in the right-hand column of the results. It will take you to a web site where they can be obtained.

Users should always check the original data with the source (see sources on the right here) before purchasing CDs or microfiche. We cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy in this list, although every attempt is made to be as accurate as possible.

If you do find any errors, omissions, or broken links please let us know, through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page.

Codes used:
 * = Typescript of printed material, normally indexes.
 ^ = Transcripts held by Canterbury cathedral.
 # = Photographic copy of original manuscript.:
 A = Contents not clear from information provided.

The contents of KFHS CD 12 are also available on microfiche #2005-2008.

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